Thursday, 9 June 2016

Author Note 1

Saya tak tahulah sekarang ni nak buat apa.
I'm just feel disappointed with myself hehe.
Sorry buat yang menunggu Ku Kejar Cinta Mu.
Act, i know yang tak de pun orang nak baca blog ni haha
Krik- krik je hehewww...
I'm will try the best to make sure i finish this story and i truly hope the publisher will accept this story.
K. I know my english is too bad.
But i'm try to improve my english.
My teacher said, if you want to improve your english, you need to read english books, always speaking in english and writing in english.
Btw, for your information my result bahasa melayu subject also worst.
I make you all waiting this story to much.
Especially Shaza Lim.
She giving me inspiration to writing this novel until the end (tanpa dia sedari)

End of my dedication,
I want to say thank you to my friends, especially kak yuki (nurul syafiqah syaf) and farah adleen. You guys (banyak tolong saiaa *idk how to translate this sentence huhu*)
TQ for my family too.. Huhu 

Bye, Assalamualaikum :')

p/s:  if rajin, silalah datang ke blog ini blog yuki ;D

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